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Well caffeinated and goal oriented, I'm a Texas-born, Bay Area raised so-called "meddling kid." You can usually find me tweeting about typical Gen Z topics of interest — climate change, politics, memes, etc. You get it.

Outside of the digital world, I'm a freshman at University of California - Santa Cruz, a college campus enveloped in a small forest.

Before my junior year in high school, I co-founded what I like to call my "brainchild," a publication called Aspirants Magazine. After its inaugural volume consisting of 4 issues, my partners and I renamed it Aspirants Co., knowing that someday down the line, Aspirants would expand beyond the confines of simply a magazine. Since July 2017, Aspirants has featured over 100 up-and-coming individuals and organizations.

One of my favorite things about all my work is that it has given me opportunities to connect with people I otherwise wouldn't have. As the Director of Communications for March for Our Lives California, I get the privilege of working with young gun violence prevention activists across the state and the nation. With Aspirants, I'm meeting creatives from the other side of the planet.

When I'm not networking, writing, or designing, I enjoy taking photos, browsing dafont.com for new fonts, and finding new side-walk benches to sketch and journal on.

18 / they/them/theirs / santa cruz, ca

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