I've been an avid writer for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years, I've experimented with many different styles of writing. As with the rest of my creative endeavors and skills, I am flexible and adaptable. I've written for my high school's journalism program, as well as smaller magazines and publications, taking on feature writing, beats, columns, and even creative writing pieces like short stories or even essays.

I am always looking to expand my horizons, and in the future I hope to dive into more topics and styles.

Individual pieces are sorted from oldest to newest.

The Slant

April 2019
I lied on my college applications, but not in the way you're thinking of
June 2019
An open letter to my straight white cisgender friends

Carlmont High School Journalism

Scot Scoop | online
The Highlander | newspaper/newsmagazine
The danger of assuming safety at home; many of Belmont's crimes can be avoided | News
Pop culture spreads at faster rates thanks to social media | Feature
Media distorts the queer community through film and television | Feature
College misconceptions; students flock to 'name-brand' schools | Center - Feature
Special Issue: Gun Control | Cover art
Freedom of sexuality remains an obstacle | Feature
The U.S. Census affects everyone; 2020 census may misrepresent minority groups | Feature
Coming out? I hate it. | Column
Social media empowers younger generations | Column
Conventional holidays from a first-generation Asian-American perspective | Column
January/February 2019: How Spider-man singlehandedly saved the world of comics | View / Column
March 2019: Movies are changing, and the film industry with them | Feature
May 2019: Pride is being commercialized, and it shouldn't be | Opinion

Scotlight | feature magazine:
December 2017: Finding where to fit in; burdens of the queer community | View
February 2018: Get mad; anger and why it's necessary | View
October 2018: Fed up: Exploring the hidden side of food | View

Aspirants Magazine

Issue One:

Finding Inspirations with Stephanie Blackburn | Read
Angela Luna: Making Changes with Functional Fashion | Read
Issue Two:
FUNKNVIBE: Balancing Visuals and Sound | Read
Issue Three:
Kevin "KLARK" Xiong:  Existing at Intersections, and Finding Acceptance | Read
Mae Krell: Glitter 'n' Guitars | Read
Murphey: Regrets, remixes, and Going with the Flow | Read
Issue Four:
PERIOD.: Leading the Menstrual Movement with Nadya Okamoto  | Read
JÜV Consulting | Read
Reuse and Recycle with Unamused Apparel | Read
Akira:  Learning the Ropes and Finding Truth | Read
Tommy Lei: Finding truth, belonging | Read
MANDO: At the Intersection of Fashion and Culture | Read
Christina Mazzi: Balancing Activism and Everything Else | Read

Issue One
Anika Nayak: Rising By Lifting Others
Deja Foxx on Advocacy, Activism, and the Future
Jane Kim: Media Arts in its Most Colorful
Issue Two
Coming soon

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